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With These Publications
In Your Hands
You Are Sure to Succeed!!!!!
If you have a sincere desire to operate your own home based business then you must read some of
the fine mail order publications that are out there. They will educate you on some of the finer points in
operating your own home based business / mail order business. Many have great articles in them by
small business experts that will teach you greatly on many small business subjects. You will also find
the greatest money making programs!!! The publishers of these publications will send you a free copy
of their publication just for the asking. We have included their addresses below, just write to them and
tell them that you would like to receive a copy of their publication. Although they will send you the
latest copy for free, they would appreciate it if you would send them a buck or two to help them with
their cost in getting their latest publication to you, it is just common mail order courtesy within the mail
order circle though it is not mandatory.

If you are an advertiser who needs some reputable publications to advertise your print ads in, you
may want to check out these publications also. Some of these publications rates start at only $2 per
inch for your display ads, where else are you going to find a great deal like that!
All publishers will independently send you a copy of their publication.
We have placed ads below for Home Business Magazine and Small Business Opportunities which are two of the larger more
circulated magazines and have a small subscription fee. The smaller publications we have listed also have subscription fees but
will send you an issue first to sample. This is a list of the mail order publications that you may write to and ask to be added to their
mailing list. They will then send you the next issue of their publication. Tell them sent you!
Small Business Opportunities (6 Issues/1 Year)
Home Business Magazine (6 Issues/1 Year)
Write to these publications and request a copy

Liberty Press
POB 5516, Concord, CA 94524

Intro to Mail Order
POB 1660, Conway, SC 29528

Shore to Shore
POB 1980, Rogue River, OR 97537

Small Potatoes
POB 937, Buffalo Lake, MN 55314

Inca Treasures Gold
5447 Van Fleet Ave., Richmond, CA 94804

Ben Franks Almanac
POB 655, Pinellas Park, FL 33780