Analogy of the rip-off artist
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Since rip-off artists come in so many different shapes and sizes, it is usually very difficult to recognize them. With that said, there are
certain things that you can look out for to protect yourself. There are basically four different distinct categories that a rip-off artist falls in.
Just because you order something, and the materials that you are sent look professional does not mean that the company is legit.
Usually, a rip-off artist will want their materials to look as if they were produced by a large corporation. Many mail order dealers are
familiar with the Edward L. Green letter scam that has been circulating around for decades. Usually, the material is printed very poorly
and is easy to spot as a scam. You must remember that not all scams are like that letter. The good scams are meant to fool you into
believing that they are different from junk such as the Edward L. Green letter. We are going to show you here the four different
categories of scam artists.


The professional scam artist will premeditate their rip-off plan well ahead of time. They do this very carefully and have the sole intention
of coning people. They sink large sums of money into large-scale, national advertising so they can get a truckload of orders quickly;
keep the money and move on to the
next con. $150,000 and up usually can "buy" this type of person.


This person is the same kind of crook like those who distribute the Edward L. Green letter. They are not like the professional who wants
to steal a huge sum of money in a small amount of time. Instead, this person has the intention to stay in business for awhile. They will
usually sell low grade products and not have any concern about getting repeat business. All they care about is getting as many orders as
possible before being shut down. Their main customer base are beginners whom they lure in by promising lots of cash for little to no
work. Also, they will many times claim to get you started for a very small amount of cash such as $5 or $10. Once this is done, they will
usually then reveal that an additional $30 or $40 is needed for additional materials or supplies. Then after this stage of the game you are
conned out of another $300 or $400. When you have gone this far into the program, it is very hard to just give up. You figure that you
might as well keep on going. Eventually, you lose your money and lose your faith in the whole mail order business industry. $15,000 and
up can usually buy this type of person.


This person will begin their business with very good intentions. They may even think of themselves as honest people and dislike crooks
themselves. Somewhere along the way of operating their business, they have bad judgment, make some bad business decisions and
lack long range planning. They sort of end up between a rock and a hard plate. They may really want an honest business, but in order to
make good on customer orders, this rip-off artist must con or steal off someone else to get the money. Slowly, these people will get in a
"circle of doom" that they will find very difficult to get out of. They will continue to make up excuses for their con-game. They will usually
convince themselves that they had no other choice to steal from their customers. They will not have any remorse for their actions. They
will be motivated by greed and will gladly steal from hard working, innocent victims.


This person is very similar to the unplanned con. The only difference is that they have actual bad feelings about their actions. They will
usually be involved with one con-game, feel to much guilt about what they are doing and then drop out of the mail order business
altogether. They are usually very ashamed of their actions.

What are the pros and cons of these different types of cons?

The Cons

1. Every single rip-off artist will eventually have their operation end in destruction. The games that they play can only work for so long.
There is always an end!

2. The loss of self respect, morals, friends and possibly family.

3. The constant mental fear of getting caught. Almost every rip-off artist will try to convince themselves that they are not really doing
anything wrong. Deep inside their minds they know that what they are doing is wrong and will never have the peace of mind that an
honest business owner has.

The Pros

1. Money! It will be great for them, but once it s all spent, they will have to think of a new con-game. An honest mail order dealer has a
continuous flow of money coming in over a long period of time. They have a real business that they can depend on for their livelihood.

Which one makes more sense? Conning people for $100,000 in six months or earning $70,000 per year for the rest of your life. Cons
always have one thing in common; they are always only interested in the present and do not think about the future. This is why life
becomes a circle of doom for these foolish and greedy people. Money is something that never lasts forever. However, a good reputation
and pride in your product can never be purchased. Word will generate quickly about your business simply because of your honesty, and
your mailbox will be stuffed with orders, inquiries and letters from people whom you will make lasting friendships.

It is so simple to be honest. It takes a lot less energy and will bring you in lots more money in the long run. How will you choose to run
your business?