Are you a mail order dealer
who believes in magic?
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A couple of years ago, I was teaching a typing class, and one of my students asked me "How long will it take me to learn to type?" I
replied to this student by stating "It all depends on how often you practice." The student then said "Isn't there something out there that
can have me become an expert typist in a week?" I was a bit dumbfounded for a moment and then simply answered "No - I'm afraid not." I
further explained to this student, and the rest of the class about how anything of value takes time. There is no such thing as a magic pill
that will give a person five years experience in a week. This reality may hurt some people's feelings, but it is the truth. It's sad that our
push-button, do-everything-for-you-society has taken away our ability to climb to the top of the hill. Those of us who do have the stamina
have to try twice as hard to "prove" we are not those other types of people.

Are you someone who still believes in magic? Do you think that you can pay $24.99 to join a mail order program and earn $10,000
during the next month? Do you think that you can start your own small business and be able to quit your job in a couple of weeks? Are
you someone who thinks that you can advertise your small 1" ad in a publication that has a circulation of 1000 and receive 500 orders?
Does Edward L. Green sound like a real hero to you?

Let's STOP pretending that we are in business and start learning HOW to grow it into a thriving, honest and reputable company. It is
sometimes hard to be completely honest in everything that we do. We could tell a "little white lie" to get that $100 that we so desperately
need right now. Oh, what we have to give up to be honest.

I have never lived in the 1800s, but I have studied how people had lived during those times. Back then, people were not scared of hard
work. The thought of being lazy never even entered their mind. They did what they had to do to make things happen. If someone in the
neighborhood was lazy, they were seen by the community as abnormal and easily gained a bad reputation. Even a few decades ago, a
man who did not work to support his family was seen as "trash." Times have surely changed as a lazy man is not viewed like this
anymore. People make excuses for these lazy men to defend their laziness. The man who lives off of welfare and freeloads off of his wife
is seen as being "cool." This is spite of the government spending millions of dollars on programs trying to motivate him to find work to
support himself and his family.

Employers sometimes contribute to the madness also. Since hard working people are considered "strange" and "indifferent" in today's
society, an employer will take a hard worker and pile all the hard work on them that other people should be sharing in doing. It sometimes
feels as though hard working people are fighting a losing battle.

Getting something for nothing is never rewarding. It is true that you can cheat the welfare system and get free benefits for awhile, but
eventually you will be tracked down. Yes - you will be able to sit on the couch and watch television while your spouse goes out and works
two jobs, but you will ever be able to enjoy any true financial rewards. Yes - you can officially work 8 hours and spend 6 of those hours
on coffee breaks just to get your weekly paycheck, but when the time comes for company layoffs, you will be one of the first ones let go.
Yes - you can forge credit cards, set up scams, write bad checks ad steal innocent people's money, but you will never get anywhere. You
are only taking care of your present time needs. You are not building any security, pride or respect for yourself.

There should never be any doubt that hard work pays off. The rewards are not immediate like it would be if you went out and robbed a
bank, but in the long run, you will make lots more money. With that said, we must all remember that money is not everything. Money
cannot buy respect and love. A poor person who is running an honest business will always have a piece of mind. A person who works
long and hard hours to give their customers high-quality receives repeat orders.

When word gets around about a person's honesty and trustworthiness, people start noticing and spread the word. Respect is much more
important than money because of the repeat rewards it brings. For instance, when you think of Howard Hughes you do not think of him
with respect. Even though he had billions of dollars, does anybody really care now?  But think about Martin Luther King or Thomas
Edison. Think about some heroes you know. Does it matter to you how much money they had? Don't you remember them for the hard
work and great things that they accomplished. Isn't contributing to society and the betterment of mankind much more valuable than the
money you have in your bank account? You are going to want to start this as soon as possible. Take pride in yourself. Hold your head up
and do an honest day's work. Yes - being honest has great rewards.