What is this mail order thing about?
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If you are an experienced mail order dealer, then you already know what the mail order business is all about. If you are not an
experienced mail order dealer and this is the first time you have landed here on, you may not know what all of this
jibber-jabber about a mail order business is all about. You may have figured out that it does involve owning your own business and
selling your item, product, or service by mail. Yes this is true but there is so much more to know when involved with a mail order business
and we will try to explain it here.

First let us give a brief mail order history facts. Mail order was started way back in the old days by Montgomery Wards, you remember
that store dont you? They ended up becoming a giant department store. If you are too young to remember, they went out of business
some years ago also. Before the Internet age came to be as it is today, all of the giant companies used mail order to sell their items by
sending out hundreds of thousands of catalogs and magazines. This type of marketing was the number one advertising method used for
decades. It is still used today by the giant companies but not nearly as much as these companies now also use many other advertising
methods as part of their marketing plan.

When most people think of mail order, they think of the giant companies as we mentioned above. A little know secret though is that 90%
of mail order dealers are small mail order dealers, they are not giant corporations. These small mail order dealers sell products,
information, reports, typesetting services, printing, advertising, money making programs, MLM marketing plans, and so much more.
These mail order dealers make their living working out of their own home! Most start out by operating their mail order business part time
while they continue to work at their normal eight hour job until they can build up their small business income enough so that they can
have an option of quitting their full time job if they so desire, which most do.

You may be wondering how entrepreneurs get into the mail order business in the first place. From those that I have spoken to, it seems
that most mail order dealers landed onto their mail order business on accident; sort of. It seems that all of them had answered an ad in a
newspaper about making money from home. You've seen those ads I'm sure, they usually will tell you something like "We will pay you
$1.00 for every envelope you mail for us, please send a LSASE for free information." They sent for the information and when received
they either paid the company to join or didn't, it does not matter if they joined or not here to make my point. Why? Because once they
sent their name and address to that company, their name became worth money, they become a valuable prospect. Their name began to
be sold to other companies and their names were on every entrepreneur mailing list that you could think of. Before they knew it, their mail
box was being stuffed everyday with advertisements from all sorts of mail order dealers. Loads of mail order tabloids were stuffed in their
mailbox, magazines, admags, business opportunities, MLM plans, and more! These mail order dealers carefully scanned the articles in
those tabloids, joined some of the money making programs, and learned all they needed to know to operate their mail order business
from home.

I am going to share with you a couple of my most exciting mail order moments. First, I had joined the first mail order program that I ever
had at that point. It was sort of a miniature MLM plan that the members would use only a 1" ad to advertise the program. I had joined it
and received my 1" ads to display in publications. The ad had my name in the #1 space, and the #2 to #4 space had some other dealers
names. By the way, these names were rotated from the ad that I joined from. The #2 name on my ads were the #1 name on the ad I
joined from, the #4 name on the ad I joined from was not on my ads because it was bumped off. If you are an experienced mail order
dealer, you know the type of programs I'm talking about. I personally remember placing my first advertisement in one of the mail order
tabloids. You have to wait to get what is called a checking copy, a checking copy is just a copy of the tabloid or magazine that is mailed to
you with your ad published in it. I couldn't believe it! My ad was in a magazine! My name sat right there in a magazine! I didn't care that I
paid $5.00 to place the ad in that magazine, I was just so excited to see my name there selling something! Heck! I wasn't even to sure
about what I was selling! Months went by and I received no commission from that ad. I was disappointed but very curious about what they
called the mail order business. About three months after placing that ad, the next exciting thing happened to me. I received a crisp $1.00
bill as a commission for someone joining that program that I had advertised. Wow! You actually could receive money in the mail! It was a
small program, and throughout the years after I grew my business, I would use this ad as a filler ad to make a few extra dollars with it .

When someone becomes involved in mail order, they soon find out that there is a mail order inner circle. When they browse through the
tabloids and magazines (which by the way are the heart and soul of mail order for mail order dealers) they will begin to notice that certain
dealers have lots of ads everywhere in all of those publications. These dealers are very successful mail order dealers who get lots of
orders every single day. It is how they make a living and everyday there mail box is stuffed with cash, checks, and money orders for the
products or services that they provide. Those in the inner circle always get familiar with each other and sometimes get together to form a
new money making program for other mail order dealers. Most who become involved in mail order are there because of one thing -  they
want to make money! And believe me when I say that there are many money making programs to make money with. Some become
involved with MLM programs, some become advertising brokers for publications, some sell typesetting and ad design, some sell printing,
some buy reports that come with reprint rights and resell them to others.

If you have your own product or service to sell that is great. You could earn lots more though if you get many mail order dealers to sell
your product or service for you by offering them a commission for each sale they make for you. You can display them with C/R ads to use
which they will directly receive payment and then forward the order to you. What if you do not have your own product or service to sell?
There are so many opportunities to sell many things for other dealers if you do not have your own product or service to sell. When you
are selling another dealers product or service, you will receive the payment and order directly to your mailbox, you will take your cut of
your commission and then send the rest of the payment to the person who will fill the customers order, this person is called the prime
source. I have personally noticed that the most successful and biggest names in mail order usually sell a little of everything. For instance,
let's say that you sell reports and that is your main product. When you fill those orders you will want repeat business from that customer
so you will include with their order other flyers or circulars with other products and services that you sell. You will include flyers where
they can buy more reports from you but why not include some flyers that sell advertising space, a MLM program you are involved in,
printing, typesetting, etc. You will want to become a dealer for a prime source that sells printing, advertising, etc. There is so much to
know and learn to operate your own mail order business but with a little effort you can live a comfortable life with the income you can
make. Did you catch that, comfortable life I said. If you think you are going to profit one million dollars your first year you will be
disappointed. Though there have been many who have become rich through their mail order business,  99.9% will not become instant
millionaires. Just like everything in life you learn as you go, but by reading our articles here you will get a head start and not make a lot of
mistakes that rookie mail order dealers make.