Why start a mail order business
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There are many different types of businesses that a person can start. They can start an e-commerce business, they can open up a
corner liquor store, a shuttle business, get involved with a small franchise and the list goes on. With so many different types of
businesses that someone can start - Why should someone consider starting a mail order business?

Besides the many benefits that go along with a mail order business (which we will get to later), one of the best things about starting a mail
order business is the small start-up cost. There is no reason to have to go out and try to get a large loan from your local bank. There is
no need to have to come up with $100,000, $50,000 or $10,000. Instead, due to the low cost to start, a person can invest some of their
own money and not be burdened with a loan that they have to pay back every month.

Small investment

How much does it cost to start a mail order business? There is no simple way to answer this question, and nobody can give you a definite
answer. One thing that is for sure is that it will not cost much compared to other business opportunities. You have probably heard or read
about people starting their own mail order business with only $10 - or some other ridiculous number like that. I am going to tell you that it
is an outright lie! It would cost more for a child to start a lemonade stand! You would not even be able to buy 1000 sheets of paper with
$10. I am not being mean to those who give these nonsense claims, but let's be a little more realistic. If you want to learn more detailed
information on how much it realistically costs to start a mail order business, you may want to read our article titled "How much does it cost
to start a mail order business?"

Work from home

Since we know that starting a mail order business is cheap, what other benefits are there to starting a mail order business? Well, mail
order dealers get to work from home; if they choose to. Isn't it most people's dream to work from home? No more commuting or having to
be at a certain place at a certain time. No more boss to answer to! Can you imagine waking up in the morning and just walking across
your living room to begin work? It certainly is not a perk that comes with other businesses. There are a few powerhouse mail order
dealers that do not work from home. Usually, these are giant mail order companies. The vast majority of mail order dealers do work from
home. A personal estimated guess of mail orders dealer that work from home is 99.9 percent.

Be your own boss

Who would not like to be their own boss? Almost every person would like to be in control of their own life. Nobody likes answering to
someone else, but the vast majority of people have to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with answering to someone else, and if
somebody does have a problem with this, they should have joined the military when they were younger to learn about manners and
discipline. These type of people will never succeed working for somebody else or having their own business. Fortunately, most people
are not like this and will succeed at whatever they put their mind to. Being your own boss will require self discipline and motivation. An
individual will have to push themselves to get all of their business tasks done because there will not be anyone to make them. If they
don't get things done, they will be out of business sooner than they expected. Being your own boss can be the best thing in the world, but
it comes with a lot of responsibility. Are you up to the challenge of being your own boss?

Financial independence

When it is all said and done, the main reason a person goes in to business for themselves is for the money. No longer will they be
confined to a week-by-week paycheck. They are no longer giving away their time for an hourly wage. When a person is paid by the hour,
or has a monthly salary, they will continually earn the same amount of money month after month. They will live on a budget that they will
be accustomed to. The only time they will see a slight increase in their pay is when, and if, they get one of those rare raises. With a mail
order business, or any business for that matter, an individual will have the opportunity to earn as much money as they desire. What they
put into their business is what they will be rewarded with. It is nice to know that you are in charge of what you can earn. New mail order
dealers will not make a million dollars their first year in business, but by building their customer base consistently, they can soon become
of one the many mail order dealers that earn over $100,000 per year.

Spend more time with family

Something that almost everyone can relate to is the amount of time that there job takes up. It is not only the eight hours that they are on
the clock, but the one hour lunch, their two fifteen minute breaks, the hour that they have to spend getting ready in the morning, the half
hour commute to the job and the half hour commute back home. This is just an example, but everyone can relate. This example takes up
almost 12 hours of a person's day. Add this to the eight hours of sleep that a person will need, and they only have four hours left in their
day. Eat dinner and take care of miscellaneous task, and there is no time to enjoy spending with the family. When a person works from
home with their own mail order business, they are in charge of managing their own time. They will be able to schedule and spend time
with their spouse and children. It is a benefit that no employer could ever offer.

All of these things mentioned are just some of the reasons that someone would want to start their own mail order business. Other
reasons such as doing what you love is also self satisfying. Owning a mail order business will never disappoint anyone. It will keep you
busy, but it will not seem to matter as you will be doing something that you love. Start your own business with a small investment, be your
own boss, work from home, spend any amount of time with your family as you want and be financially independent - Sounds like a great