Let us prepare your ads for beautiful placement in print publications!

What is a typeset ad? A typeset ad is an ad that you send to publishers to place in their publications. Most publishers will not
accept your ads unless they are typeset. They will not accept scribbled words on a piece of paper. Your ads need to be
typeset for them in the right print publication size format. We can get your ads ready for you and add clip art, fancy fonts and
fancy borders to make your ads stand out from the crowd and grab readers attention.

Our prices to typeset your ads are as follows:

1"$3.00 - you receive 24 copies
2"$5.00 - you receive 16 copies
3"$7.00 - you receive 8 copies
4"$9.00 - you receive 8 copies
3X6"$12.00 - you receive 6 copies
4X5"$15.00 - you receive 4 copies
5X8"$20.00 - you receive 2 copies
8X10"$30.00 - you receive 2 copies

All orders must include 1 First Class Stamp

Send your order(s) and payment by cash, check or money order to:
Ronnie Altamirano, P.O. Box 847, Maywood, CA 90270

Just scribble down the words you want in your ad and you will have your new ads delivered to your mail box! If you
have any special instructions please let us know.

If you would like to see a few examples of our own personal typesetting ad before ordering
click here.